Same Pets (FREE) App Anmeldelser

Cheesy and cute



I fell asleep!


This game is glitch free and so fun and colorful. It gives lots of time and the animals r so cute!!!!

This game is horrible

Even though it is free I hated it a 2 year old would not want to play it it is so below webkinz and neopets if that compares it to anything do not waste your time

Needs work

Add sound then music. Add save/restore game. Add option for number of pets.


I hate this game! Hoo eva bot this game,do not play it!reapeating,do not Play it! All u do iz just simply poot Ur finger on a groop uv animalz and Bam! Itz gon! How frikin stupod!

Not bad

It's a ok game. But u should be Abel to move the animals


it's a cool game

Good Therapy Game.....and great for the kids!

Rated it 5 stars cuz it's free and works like it's suppose too. It's glitch free and doesn't lag. It has a counter to register how many animals you've tapped onto. I put this on my Touch for kids to play if bored. It's simple, easy to play, very colorful and keeps you occupied. It serves it's purpose. Nice App!

Boring and Dumb

Title says all ^

Not even good enouf to put out

I mean dragons that look like dung come on?!?!?!?!?!?



Things u should fix...

1. Make more like bejewled ( to be able to switch animals places) !! 2. Make the game stable (so that u can't move the whole screen and see black when u touch and pull). 3.make it so when the game is over we can start a new game without going back to home screen and reentering the game!!!! I like the background pics and the fact that the animals themselves, have animation!! Good try!! Fix this stuff and 5 stars !!!!


Horrible graphics and controls are annoying but hey, it's free.

It's An okay game

I thought it looked fun, don't get me wrong it is an okay game, but I only got it because I was really bored and I needed something to do. If you really like this kind of game you should get it because I bet you will have fun. Sorry if you don't like it. Great if you do like it. But on the another hand it's SOOOOO boring!

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